Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Whatsapp: Now it's the Turn of Video Calling

Yes As said in the title,now is the turn of video calling option.After Voice Calling 

Free WhatsApp Video Calling is  Coming Soon. A month ago, WhatsApp was the only instant messaging app without a voice call feature. Now, WhatsApp is Looking forward to challenge Skype with its free WhatsApp video calling feature.

Facebook invested a huge amount of money in WhatsApp and is looking to gain a wider audience with world’s most popular messaging app.Recently WhatsApp updated its app with new material design update.
A recent report by The Rem claims that WhatsApp is all sent to roll out free WhatsApp video calling feature in May. According to the report, messaging app has already out a trail version for WhatsApp employees.
The developers at WhatsApp have given their blood, sweat and tears to the application and they have tried their best to make this application the leading name in the world which it today is.
The success wave of whatsapp comes from the fact that the company has relentlessly worked towards the direction of innovations while trying to stay as simple as possible while staying on the same domain that they began at.
Things, however, have changed ever since facebook took over. The 20 billion dollar deal meant that facebook now had full control over WhatsApp and all that they had to offer to the users.
This was however, a good news for the users but a bad news for the old guard as facebook is one of the most progressive organizations in the world and are everything but ‘purists’. Zuck is known to take risks and try out newer things.
With the acquisition of WhatsApp, the old guard now knew that their days are numbered and the purist ideologies are going to go out of the window.
However, this brings us to the question – what’s next in line for WhatsApp?Video Calling. Our sources within the company who wish to remain un-named say that the company is now working towards video calling and that the video calling has been a success.
All the employees of whatsapp have been using the video calling version of WhatsApp since the last two months and that they will launch it by mid-May.
Are you ready for this big update? Or do you think they’re rushing the updates now. Let us know your opinions in the comments section below.
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